Recycled paper & alternative fiber papers


Australian made 100% recycled paper

brownkraft 105gsm - ream of 500 sheets

A4 1 ream  $26.90                

A3 1 ream  $56.00

"It's not the strongest of the species who survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change" - Charles Darwin.

Cane Fields
- 80% sugar cane paper & 20% plantation fibre
A4 80gsm - ream of 500 sheets

$14.95 per ream

Canefields paper products are endorsed by WEF & Singapore Environment Council and are recommended by many environmental groups including Wilderness Society and Friends of the Earth, Australia.

The use of alternative fibre paper will help to reduce green house gas pollution caused by logging and preserve the "lungs of the planet" - our trees. Adaptation will be required globally to ensure that we can meet the challenges of the future, particularly global warming.

Cyclus 80gsm
- 100% recycled bond (imported from Denmark)

Cyclus papers are 100% recycled, made entirely from 100% post consumer waste. The Cyclus mill has a total commitment to the environment and employs a unique ?recycled loop? process. As well as the use of 100% de-inked post-consumer waste fibre, all bi-products created during the manufacturing process are recycled, and used in products such as cement, asphalt, wall panelling and even fertiliser!
Cyclus papers have a clean natural white shade, offering the same physical attributes as other quality uncoated virgin fibre printing papers. This range has all the printing properties we have come to expect; rigidity, stability, opacity, tear strength and foldability. The limitations of using recycled paper no longer exist, quality now meets the environment.

$22.00 ream of 500 sheets 80gsm
also available in:  100 gsm    140 gsm    250 gsm     300 gsm - please email for pricing.

  All prices all include gst. Post and packing is extra
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